Background was born naturally in 2013. It means it was not a planned creation. It was a biproduct of I GET U TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. while promoting a massive platform has a huge database with millions of URLs related to current affairs, entertainment news, employment news and many more. Each URL has a long format that makes us inconvenient while promoting on various marketing channels. When we use third party tool to shorten-url we thought of implementing our own light weight application.

In this simple application also we achieved a significant mark for us, when we shortened long URLs using that is being delivered to people upto 10 times than direct URL sharing and it is far better than third party shortening tools. Thanks to our research team for this achievement with proofs. as a shortening tool was open to all but we started using to promote extensively with metrics. Later we had realized that when it was working for why not for others domains and URLs that made us to transform the platform into amazing powerful crowd marketing platform where bloggers play significant role. has become a wonderful platform for branding and generating traffic to listed domains or specific URL. Our in depth research gave us great insight to provide a very cost-effective solution for our customers.