Channel Partner is a powerful crowd marketing platform to reach your client's Ads in no time to target online audience for selected cities. Channel Partners are compensated their service without additional charges to their clients or actual advertisers.

Channel Partner needs to empanel with and get official proposal. No registration fee required.

The platform is one of the online marketing solutions but it is unique with more mileage in terms of reaching people virally for the respective budget at reasonable pricing.

Advertisement that is released openly gives an impact of around 10% of audience for which repetition is required to create a brand whereas information from friend or known person gives highest impact on 70% to 90% of audience.

In one-go you can hire thousands of users who share your Ads within their circle online. The impact is largely distributed for selected cities, areas and colonies. Micro level penetration from each Ad distributor is possible.

Your Ad may be distributed by 10,000 users of clickurl to their 100 online friends each. The reach would be at least 10 Lakh people in a distributed manner that is more effective than pushing Ad directly to 10 Lakh people.

Here the difference is 10 Lakh people received message from their respective 10,000 friends where as in conventional campaign the advertisement came from unknown.

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