The following are status definitions when you submit bill/redemption requests to process.
It means you have claimed for either redemption amount or bill reimbursement.
It means request for redemption/bill reimbursement is submitted. It is pending to process.
It means claim-request is in process to clear.
It means the claim-request is rejected as it might not compliance with our terms and conditions.
It could be one or more of the following reasons
Bill does not come under acceptable category
Bill does not have address of the vendor
Bill does not have phone number
Bill is not within three months
Bill does not have items written
It means you have received a query from clickurl to clarify in order to move ahead with processing claim-request.
Held Up
It means your earnings are held up due to any one or more reasons of the following:
Your traffic generated might be suspicious.
You have too less followers/friends to generate genuine visits
You might not have followed terms and conditions.
However the Claim-request with held-up status will be processed along with next claim-request under special monitoring.
Claim-request is processed and eligible amount is released.
Deductions and Expenses Report