Marketing Manager

Online marketing is a revolutionary approach to reach large sections of educated people in which is changing the dynamics of advertisements and branding, increasing traffic to your websites / portals and thereby sales. is an amazing platform by which marketing managers not only promote their products and services but also can earn royalty on each deal. Marketing managers are free to introduce any domain which showcases products & services and get royalty on each deal.

Freelance Marketing Manager needs to register as a user/blogger first and then register as an advertiser to link the accounts. The only platform - a first of its kind in the world - facilitates Marketing Managers to increase clientele base exponentially with powerful technology. The platform is one of the online marketing solutions but unique with more mileage in terms of reaching people virally within a given budget.

Our USP is "user/blogger shares information within circle".

Advertisement that is released openly gives an impact of around 10% of audience for which repetition is to be done to create a brand whereas information from friend or know person gives highest impact on 70% to 90% of audience.