Terms and Conditions

All advertisements are subject to terms and conditions. Advertisers are reminded of their legal obligations. Advertisers shall abide by rules and regulations of Equality and Human Rights commission. Advertiser is expected to adopt a Code for Self-Regulation in Advertising.

Keep it in view: Your advertisement (content and URL) reaches to common people who in turn share within their friend circle on social media. Authorized agencies who have massive (more than 10,000) followers also share your advertisement.

Clickurl Policy for Advertisers:
Generate real and organic traffic to an advertiser’s URL. The technology shall facilitate advertisers and users/bloggers to reach common people. The technology ultimately shall trigger manual initiation to involve in understanding messages shared and therefore visit the promoted URL.

  • Company never tell or force any users/blogger to share your advertisement for money.
  • Clickurl never pay a person who clicks your URL and visit your domain/URL.

Why users/blogger shall be paid but not visitor?
You give advertisement on TV channel, you pay Channel organization but not viewers
You give advertisement on News Paper, you pay Paper organization but not readers
You give advertisement on radio, you pay radio station organization but not listeners 

In the above cases, you pay distributor only but not audience. In clickurl case, bloggers are distributors of your Ad that is micro level distribution. An amazing impact is expected as message is received from friend.

I GET U TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. is the owner of www.clickurl.in

www.clickurl.in is the platform where users/bloggers and advertisers login to use the technology

Users/Blogger/Message distributor:
Users/Blogger is the member of the platform to share URLs of advertised domains and URLs to share with friends on social media. In other words blogger distributes your message and Ads within his/her online circle.

Advertiser is the member of the platform to release Ads on this platform to reach common people with the support of users/bloggers.

Open User:
Open user is a person who uses this platform without logging into this platform


1. Websites, web portals, specific URL with classified, video or audio or image with information are allowed to release Ad on this platform
2. Registered firms and individual are allowed to advertise
3. Clickurl has its own potential to reach millions of people based on growing membership but your advertisement reach is depending upon users/bloggers’ interest in your ad to share with their friends on social media.
4. All most all visits are natural and driven by a message from users/bloggers of clickurl
5. Advertiser allocated amounts are deducted automatically when unique click/visit is brought to your URL
6. Ads can be paused at any time but it is suggestible to maintain sufficient funds based on amount burn rate.
7. Deceptive, provoking, and anti social advertisements are strictly not allowed.
8. In case your Ad is not approved, Advertiser should not force or argue with the company to release Ad though your Ads are permitted on third party Print and Electronic media
9. Approved Ads can be stopped by company if users/bloggers report concern and will be informed to Advertiser to act accordingly to revise the Ad.