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Revised on Dt. 25-Nov-15, 01-Jun-15, 04-Mar-15, 10-Feb-15, 16-Dec-14, 09-Dec-14
Revised on Dt. 13-Nov-14, 30-Oct-14, 07-Oct-2014, 22-Aug,12-Sep-2014
Created on Dt. 23-Dec-2013


Management/Company refers to I GET U TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. based in Secunderabad, Telangana, India. www.clickurl.in is created and maintained by I GETU TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.

A publisher may be a user/blogger, website owner or any online entity who shares URLs that are shortened using www.clickurl.in.

This refers to anybody who registers as an advertiser on www.clickurl.in and advertises his/her domain or a specific URL or an advertisement in the form of image or video.

T & C

Management reserves all rights to decide and redefine rules at any point of time based on technology evolution and experiences and feedbacks from publisher and advertisers. Hence both publishers and advertisers are requested to check the terms and conditions every now and then.

Duplicate accounts are not allowed with same mobile number or email-id. Profile shall be filled with correct contact details including social network URL that is active. One user/blogger account should not be operated by others. Registered account details should not be replaced with other person details without taking written permission. Profile must be updated with original user's/blogger's photo.

Professional agencies or Individual user/blogger with massive followers more than 10,000 shall take written permission to use this platform as special guidelines are to be followed.

Restrictions on Use.
You (a) must not copy, translate, modify, or make derivative works of the clickurl technology and GUI any part thereof without written permission from I GET U TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
(b) must not reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise attempt to extract the source code of the platform or any part thereof.
(c) must not use the platform in a manner that gives you or any other person access to technology or its Content to understand business concept to replicate.

Publishers are requested to post the shortened URLs only on their own social media blogs and websites. Publisher is paid only for unique viewership for listed domains in the dashboard. Postings shall be as natural as possible.
Only 20 URLs including AutoPosts are paid per domain per day.
AutoPost feature allows system to post news headlines upto 12 per day on user's/blogger’s social network wall.

When a publisher sends a redeem request his/her account viewership is analyzed once again before payment is released.
The amount, as deemed eligible by the management, will be released within four weeks from the date of the publisher making a redemption request. In case of any delay, the publisher will be duly notified.
Withdrawing money from multiple users/bloggers account into same bank account is not allowed.

Own social networking URLs must be filled in the profile where you have posted short codes of clickurl.

Investigation Team [09-Dec-2014]
User/Blogger shall provide evidence of postings when s/he is requested by Investigation Team. User/Blogger is suggested to post all clickurl short codes for public view on your social networks and not to delete any postings till money is released. If Self Generated Unique Clicks are noticed from single system then user/blogger will lose all the earnings relatively. If terms are not followed then account will be blocked for limited period or life time. Once account is blocked, clickurl may not be accessible and also all the referrals of the user/blogger will be examined.

Payment Consideration on No-Evidence of Postings [10-Feb-2015]

If user/blogger could not provide evidence of postings or simply claim that posting were deleted or generated abnormal visitors on having too less friends & followers on social networking pages then flat 95% of earnings will be deducted in order to settle the account. Based on answers to queries, amount will be held up to consider along with next bill. By observing actual latest data of next bill and user's capability in terms of generating visitors, relatively previous claim will be compensated that could be upto 100%.

Processing Charges
Processing charges Rs.50/- will be deducted for each payment for online transfer.
Rs.100/- will be deducted for each cheque payment.

Processing charges Rs.20/- will be deducted for each bill reimbursement for online transfer.

Annual Fee [01-May-2015]
Rs.1000/-  is charged for usage of the platform. This amount will be deducted in two installments (Rs.500/- + Rs.500/-) when you meet or cross total earnings Rs.3,000/- and Rs.6000/- subsequently within a year.
Note: Amounts deducted earlier for AutoPost and EasyPost will be adjusted.

Referral Amount

Referral amount will be compensated as voucher/coupon to shop in networked shops either online or offline. Direct cash transfer will not be done.

Account Unblock Charges
Once user account is blocked request shall be raised to unblock after the stipulated period informed. Rs.200/- will be charged for unblocking account. Pending eligible amounts will be released only after unblocking or block period is over. Unblocking is possible only when user commits that s/he will not repeat the breach of terms and conditions.

All laws pertaining to Child labour Laws are strictly applicable. As such, children are not encouraged to share URLs for money.
Click for click or any such third party web portals or technologies are not acceptable.
Publishers shall share shortened URLs to get clicks as naturally as possible without coercing anyone to view the url for money.
All sharing by publishers is limited to 10 (ten) URLs including AutoPosts per domain per day only. Any sharing urls beyond the specified limit will not attract any payment.

Statutory income tax is applicable. TDS will be deducted as per law. If the publisher has no PAN id then the amount payable to him/her will attract more Tax Deduction at Source as per law.

Viewership is stringently checked automatically by tools to filter robotic views, manually repeated views, proxy server views and cookies disabled views.
Management protects the advertisers’ funds and ensures that payment is made for genuine viewership only based on our internal guidelines. Both publisher and advertiser can know unique views out of total views against each URL.
Both the parties need to understand that if any URL is posted on social networks that would be reviewed by respective social network company staff or tools, so certain views you would expect from different countries where their reviewers office exist.

Data Security
Profile information of Registered users (i.e. publisher and advertiser) is protected with passwords.

Authenticity and Responsibility
Only those advertisements which are approved as per policy will be featured on the dashboard.
Management is not responsible for the actions of customers of any advertisers who approached them using www.clickurl.in. Advertisers are expected to be responsible for their own Ads.
Publishers are expected to check authenticity and standards before sharing any URL of advertiser on their blogs.
While no deviation of ad-content by publishers is allowed while sharing, if any deviation from actual meaning of URL content or image is discovered while sharing, then the publisher shall be responsible for changes in titles or descriptions or captions for those shorten URLs.


Suspension and Termination

The company reserves the right to block or suspend your entire clickurl account, depending on the seriousness of the violation or repetition of violation in spite of warnings issued. We may, without notice, remove your account if your are dormant for more than six months. In this case all the amounts earned will be wiped out.