Why should you advertise on clickurl.in

There are numerous marketing channels to reach people. Clickurl.in is one of the unique platforms. There is no other similar technology to compare to market in India. It is all together different. So request you allot some budget to experience the amazing technology. You would get the following benefits.

How it works

  1. Your Ad is distributed by our users/bloggers across India or for selected cities.
  2. Our users/bloggers are paid for the distribution within their friend circle over social networking channels. Here we make actual difference from any other marketing channel.
  3. By releasing Ad on clickurl.in, you are indirectly hiring thousands of interested distributors in one go, the reach is phenomenal.
  4. It is quiet natural. If your Ad is interested by users/bloggers they distribute, if their friends and followers are interested they respond to your Ad.


  1. Natural spread. Nothing but online mouth publicity. Brand Building.
  2. Natural hits on your URL will result in top place or first page of google search engine results. Organic traffic is quiet possible.
  3. Interested customers database can be obtained if you offer discount coupons or subscription.
  4. The first impact is on distributors, they are common people, they themselves may become your customers or followers or subscribers.
  5. It is proven that talks are initiated about the advertised brand between distributor and their friends who received message.

Just sign-up as Advertiser, sign-in and read the process to start advertising. We will guide you for effective reach for organic traffic and especially for generating leads.


How it is charged ?
It is charged based on unique visitor to your URL.
Can I advertise my website ?
Yes, you can. Distributors may be interested in any of the URLs of your website to share within their circle.
However you can guide distributors with important URLs that you wish to distribute.
Can I advertise specific URL of my website ?
Yes, you can. Charges are applicable to only specific URL
Can I advertise my Social Networking page ?
Yes, you can. Charges are applicable to only specific URL for generating followers. You can advertise even specific posting of facebook or twitter
It means, you may post numerous postings daily on social networking platforms.
You may wish one of the postings should reach millions. You can do that using clickurl.
Can I advertise my Youtube video?
Yes, you can.
I don’t have any URL, how to advertise my content ?
You can create classified on www.tellmeboss.com/classfieds and promote the URL here.
I don’t have website, but I want to quickly go for advertisement, how ?
You can create business page with instant payment gateway on www.tellmeboss.com/business and go for specific URL advertisement.